The Power of Explainer Videos


Explainer Videos Explained

Let us begin by understanding the term first. True to its name, explainer videos are short videos, generally some seconds to maximum 3 minutes long, which present the business, explain a concept, or talk about the product or service. An Explainer Video, at its core, is an animated online video that takes the complex, tech-talk lingo of a company’s corporate presentation and turns it into a condensed, simplistic and entertaining overview. 

From Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies an Explainer Videos offers an elegant, viewable explanation of a company and the value proposition of the company’s stock price. They don’t sell and they’re not a commercial, rather, they’re an overview of the the company’s vision. Like an elevator speech, only with visuals. They are able to speak to your audience directly with clarity and a concise message.


Why are they better, why should you need an Explainer video?

  1. Engagement – there’s a connection that happens. Its very much like the voice over person is speaking to you in conversation, not sales speak. Its relaxed and entertaining.

  2. Entertainment – showing off is so much better than just insisting your product or service is the best in the biz.

  3. Reinforcement – having both text and video explanations on your website offers different styles of education for different people – some like to read and some like to watch. If a potential shareholder can easily understand your offering, doesn’t it make sense that they are more likely to buy it?

  4. Communication – Its easy to understand. If its easy to understand you’re more likely to buy shares in that company. 

Keep in mind-  an explainer video is only beneficial if it lives up to its name. It has to be short, sweet and to the point; professional looking; have a clear message; and be entertaining. Who wants to watch a long, boring video? At the end of the day, its about clear communication. An Explainer video can communicate effectively and efficiently, and ultimately, boost potential shareholders.