Complex Problems Require A Fresh Fervent Approach

If you are like most CEOs, you are tired of broken promises and the immeasurable results of most investor relations companies. You need fresh thinking, measurable results, and an innovative affordable approach to seeing your company’s share price reach full valuation and stop trading by appointment.

Investors want to engage with responsive entrepreneurs who think big and achieve big, not spend big. There is only one place you can tell your company’s story and achieve the affordable results you are looking, and that is online.

Why? Simple, because 76.6 % of all small cap investors do their research online before investing in a stock, making the only place to meet them head on – online. Which is exactly where our expertise stands head and shoulders above the competition and where your company’s stock will get the recognition it deserves.


All-Inclusive Investor Awareness Campaigns Starting at $5000

  • Instant access to over 200,000 opt in micro-cap newsletter subscribers

  • You get a 2 minute Animated Explainer Video to tell your Company’s story

  • 8 Unique original content syndicated articles per month for your company’s blog

  • A premium stock lead capture page with access to more than 488,662 additional paid members

Equity Relations has amassed a strong relevant following of active, interested micro cap investors. There are now more than 200,000 subscriber emails in our database. These are savvy prosperous investors who have succeeded in building their personal net worth.

Our subscribers welcome our weekly emails to keep them up to date on new investment opportunities. These investors know our brands, open up our newsletters at extraordinary rates, and trade the stocks we recommend. Equity Relations carefully crafts a well written and designed corporate profile to present your company in a clear, meaningful, unmistakable unique presentation that generates immediate investor interest in your company’s stock.

The Equity Relations portfolio of weekly micro-cap newsletters


You get a 2 minute Animated Explainer Video to tell your Company’s story

A paper pitch is…let’s face it—boring! The average person retains only 20 percent of what they hear, 30 percent of what they see, but an amazing 70% of what they see and hear, making video a small investment with huge potential return.

Videos, unlike text webpages, are easy to share on any device and subsequently direct an incredible amount of potential new shareholders to your website or company’s stock landing page. For example, an introductory email that includes a video can receive an increased click-through rate of 200-300% and video increases your chance of landing on the front page of Google by a magnitude of 53 : 1.


  • We include your company’s video in our emails to subscribers for greater impact and more subscribers to your website.

  • The video is compatible on tablets, any size computer screen, and the next big thing – Mobile video

  • Each day 100 million internet users watch online videos, YouTube alone gets a billion hits a month

  • One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words

  • 72% percent of video viewers are more likely to purchase or convert after viewing an email campaign that incorporated video.

  • 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing an ad, according to Online Publishers Association.

Learn more : Explainer Videos Explained


You get 8 Unique original content syndicated articles per month

  • But we don’t stop with just online video, and hundreds of thousands of newsletter subscribers. We include original content syndicated news articles for your Company’s website or blog, the holy grail of SEO marketing. Our “Native Advertising” editorial style ensures your website will get increased relevant Google Panda robot indexing, higher investor exposure, as well as priming your company’s story for strategic acquisitions and additional fundraising.

  • We engage your newly created audience with fresh new unique content about your business and your company’s stock to keep them coming back for more. Did I just hear someone say shareholder retention? Time and time again you hear one of the number one gripes from individual investors in small and micro-cap stocks is they are not getting enough current news and information from the company’s management about the company they have invested in.

  • We further grow your potential investor audience by distributing your relevant original content on other financial sites, where investors are looking for fresh new investment ideas to discover and invest in. As well as post to the micro-cap Twitter-shere to get your new content the viral-ability it now commands.


A Premium Stock Lead Capture Page  (click here for an example)

  • Your all-inclusive campaign also includes a premium stock lead capture page that will include your company’s carefully crafted corporate profile, stock price, news releases, charts, SEC filings, your new original blog content, as well as of course your explainer video.

  •  You receive full editorial control and profile information is provided by the company and or other publicly available sources. This package can be customized to your needs.

  •  We partner with and post your company’s premium stock landing page to high traffic financial websites and micro cap investor message boards to further expose your company’s growth story to the micro cap investor community.

What Can Equity Relations Do For Me?

  • Increase your company’s current shareholder base, investor interest and internet presence

  • Increase market capitalization as a result of increased shareholder base

  • Increase liquidity and trade volume for your stock

  • Provide cutting edge corporate communications and IR services to your newly expanded shareholder base

  • Prime your company for strategic acquisitions

  • Capture opportunities for internal and external financing